Historic Landmark Becomes The Most Sought After Western North Carolina Real Estate

For anyone interested in purchasing some outstanding Western North Carolina real estate, a rare opportunity has now become available as the land of a former historic landmark is opened for sale. The lot of a former lodge, dating back to the early 1900’s has been opened to reveal an unbelievably beautiful landscape.

Preserve At Rock Creek is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular locations for any Western North Carolina real estate. The landscape and breathtaking views make the area a dream location to live. The development has opened up its upper section at the top of Toxaway Mountain, where a historic landmark, The Lodge, once existed.

Tim Bright, the owner from Preserve At Rock Creek said - “we have just opened Upper Rock Creek, and believe me, we have uncovered a real gem”. The upper section of the mountain is the location of a former Lodge, an historic property dating back to the early 1900’s. The lodge itself was pulled down in the 1920’s, but in recent months, the land has been cleared and a road way constructed to make access to the most idyllic Western North Carolina real estate location. Mr Bright said that he anticipated a lot of interest in the available lots and that people should contact him via his website form or call Toll Free on 800.259.3551 to arrange a viewing.

The History of Toxaway Mountain

"The Lodge" at the Summit of Mt. Toxaway

In the 1900’s, the Asheville Press had this to say about the location - “The view from this Lodge, which is on the extreme summit of the Toxaway mountain, is most extensive.  The magnificent character of this view baffles description. Its grandeur and sublimity can only be fully appreciated by those who have seen it in person and felt the soothing magic of its silent but irresistible influence.”

Historically, the Lodge served multiple functions. It was a “Nature Kindergarten” for children in the area to learn about the environment and the animals that live there. In addition, it also provided lodging for hunting and recreation for prominent industrialists from the north, including the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, Edisons, Fords, and others.

The history of Toxaway Mountain is quite interesting, very rich, and deep. In 1890 E.H. Jennings came to Transylvania County from Pennsylvania and established several businesses, including the Lake Toxaway Company, and saw that the area held great potential. Later in the 1890s, Southern Railway built the Rail System from Asheville, which was the steepest railroad system in the U.S., to Lake Toxaway. Jennings filled the Lake in 1902 and opened up the Toxaway Inn. The Lake and the Inn were magnificent achievements for their time. Lake Toxaway was the first artificial lake built in the Appalachian Mountains, the earthen dam was 500 feet long and 60 feet high and 20 feet wide at the top. The area became known as the “Switzerland of America” and encompassed several fabulous resorts, called the Toxaway System of Hotels. They were created by Jennings, including “The Lodge” at the top of the mountain- where the Preserve at Rock Creek sits today.

Limited Availability

Mr Bright said he is really excited about the potential that Rock Creek offers, but warns that there are only a limited number of lots available, and he recommends that interested parties should respond quickly as supply is limited and to contact him on 800.259.3551 or to visit the Western North Carolina real estate page on the website.

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