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Purchasing a Cashiers North Carolina real estate property is both a great investment and a great decision. Cashiers’ mountain properties remain to be one of the best choices especially if one is searching for a safe investment because its value continues to rise annually. Such property could also generate good revenue by means of leasing the land or home to other people when you are not using it. It could also be a great family escape during summer and holidays. The Cashiers NC communities and neighborhoods are sited in a one of a kind geographical area that is bordered by grandiose elevations and untouched waterfalls, lakes, and rivers. Cashiers is actually one of North Carolina’s most attractive locations and is popularly known as “The Heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains”. Individuals and families who come to look for property in Cashiers come to look for a peaceful and enjoyable way of living in the middle of nature’s pristine beauty.

Cashiers’ cool and mild climate, in addition to its tempting attractions surrounding it, attracts thousands of real estate buyers from different parts of the globe. The people living in Cashiers have a really delightful mountain views from their homes. Going to such lovely places is always possible when you live in this beautiful part of North Carolina. Real estate properties for sale in Cashiers NC vary from log or cabin homes, farmhouses, bungalows, villas to mountain ranches, riverfront homes, and country houses. The properties are generally well designed, and the neighborhoods and communities are very friendly. Such communities frequently bring back the natural sophistication of the vicinity while contributing a character of modernized way of living. Cashiers has a beauty and charm about it that will touch your heart for sure. This neighborhood and its inhabitants live a life free of stressful urban life, and enjoy the breath-taking attractions that the land has to offer. It has no scarcity of wonderful views and beauty spots because it is situated right between great National woodlands--- the Pisgah, the Chattahoochee, and the Nantahala Forest.

Cashiers is abundant in water since the average rainfall every year is 83.9 inches with 13.1 inches of snowfall annually. If you are one of those adventurers who love to go outdoors, there are plenty of activities you can enjoy and spend time with. From mountains, hiking trails, waterfalls to rivers, creeks, lakes, and streams--- all of these give everyone chances to go on hiking, swimming, kayaking, fishing, climbing, running, boating, etc.  The town of Cashiers North Carolina has a population of 1,974 according to the latest statistical record. On the other hand, that figure can go up to 10,000 when the number of tourists and part-time inhabitants are included. There are only 17.07% among Cashiers’ family unit that contains married families with siblings, the average income of a particular family is worth $55,736, while the average age of a Cashiers resident is 51 years old. The town’s local organizations and clergies are one of the most charitable one can find. For residents with siblings, Cashiers North Carolina entails some of the country’s most excellent educational institutions.  The Jackson County is the one that is responsible in providing such brilliant educational system and institution. One is the Blue Ridge School where 300 students are enrolled every year, varying from kindergarten, nursery, and grade school. This institution has a 9:1 student-teacher ratio, making it an ideal place where students acquire a particular concentration. The K-8 Summit Charter School only has 175 pupils enrolled in it annually.

The average Cashiers North Carolina real estate value is $310,600 which is greater compared to the average county real estate value which is $127,000. About 28.40% of real estate properties in Cashiers are owned, while 12.9% are leased, and another 58.6% are unoccupied. There are different properties for sale that are currently for sale such as single family houses, town homes, condos and commercial properties too!  If you wish to have a look on a particular estate that you like, might as well arrange a schedule visit with a Cashiers North Carolina Real Estate Agent.

There is a good assortment of Homes for sale in Cashiers NC. The range differs from simple cabins to luxurious estates that feature residences which has thousands of acres. The majority of Cashiers’ real estate properties contain at least 1 acre in dimension. Prices begin at $250,000 and can reach up to $3 million or more. Lifestyle preferences comprise gated communities, waterfront living at Lake Glenville, village-style cabins, and golf course communities.

People who purchase a home or property in Cashiers will love the beautiful vista of the valleys, mountains, lakes, and rivers within the area. Building lots are available for people that prefer to construct their own customized home. Prices differ depending on the location and dimension of the home and area.

Cashiers NC is really quite an essential little mountain neighborhood. It has only one stoplight which is at the intersection of US 64, running from east and west bends, as wells as NC 107, running from north and south bends. Highlands, a half-hour drive, and Brevard, a 45-minute drive, are the two nearest towns from Cashiers. The next nearer destinations from Cashiers are Greenville and Asheville which are both a 2-hour drive.

Cashiers got its name during the early 90’s from the gem mining industry. Workers from the mine were given cash to every gem they get from the mountains of North Carolina. For this reason, the name “Cashiers” was born. Cashiers NC is a beloved place for tourists who delight in the sight of seeing and witnessing the changes in the color of the surrounding during the fall season. If you are planning to rent a log cabin or book a hotel, you should make reservations at the earliest time as possible.

The most noticeable attraction in Cashiers is its cool and temperate climate as well as the region’s natural setting. It is also a top golf choice among the country’s well-known golfers. It has nice and cool summer weather and provides plenty of possibilities for summer outdoor activities such as river rafting, camping and fishing for example. The loud gushing noise from the waterfalls creates an ambience amongst the stillness of the mountains and provides some amazing sights. Other fun activities that most tourists and locals do are fly-fishing in the rivers as well as biking and hiking in the forests. If you want a more daring water-related activity, head to Lake Glenville which is just a walking distance. It is the tallest lake at the eastern part of Mississippi River and is sustained by 5 waterfalls. For those who love fishing, there are plenty of fish species within the lake including catfish, trout, walleye, and bass. Lake Glenville is the one and only lake for water-skiing in the region.

The rocky and steep landscape plus the stunning panorama of the Cashiers area make it a perfect golfing course. Lots of golf course creators designed plenty of alternatives only to meet the golfing requirements of Cashiers’ golf lovers. Among the country’s well-know golf courses are found in this beautiful region in North Carolina--- Trillium Lake & Link Club, Wade Hampton Golf Course, and the High Hampton Inn & Country Club.

People who visit Cashiers especially during summer never fail to go biking and hiking along the great woodlands of the region. There are many hiking trails one can choose from that vary in complexity levels for both the starters and professionals. The most well-known locations are the Foothills Trail and the Whiteside Mountain Trail. The latter one is a rocky, 2-mile hike to the great peak of the White Mountain which is found in the Nantahala Woodlands. The vista from the top showcases the different valleys, rivers and mountains from afar. The former features an 85 mile hiking trail which connects both the upper and lower Whitewater Falls. The Upper cascade is among the tallest one in the eastern part of the Rocky Mountains just beyond the borders of Cashiers. The 400-feet waterfall attracts many tourists each year in addition to the lovely surrounding created by the presence of gorgeous wildflowers and moss-covered rocks nearby the waterfalls. This is a perfect place for photographers, picnickers, and trekkers.

With explicitly beautiful sceneries and lots of fun and leisure activities to do, there is no doubt that Cashiers has so many things to offer to homebuyers who love nature at its best. There are other beautiful locations to visit including the Blue Ridge Parkway that is just a few km drive from Cashiers. Other recreational activities that most visitors love to do are fishing, horseback riding, boating, skiing, etc. For those people who love to explore different cuisines, go shopping, or enjoy art galleries, Cashiers also has it all.  A majority of the restaurants, museums, shops, etc. are situated with a mile from Cashiers’ major Highway 107 and Highway 64 junction.


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